Student x Teacher - Boy x Boy (Completed)

Student x Teacher - Boy x Boy (Completed)

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Corey Robson By YukiCorey Updated Apr 03, 2016

(Book 2 is available!)

Shiro Jujin - aged 15 - sits alone every lunch break and even at school. He rarely talks or even shows his facial expressions. He has been suffering nightmares for seven years of events which he believes to be the death of his parents.

Mr Akatsuki Tanazuki - aged 22 - is the new English teacher at Horikoshi High School. He noticed Shiro one day sitting alone and tried talking to him but Shiro didn't really talk. Later on Mr Tanazuki is assigned as one of Shiro's teachers. Mr Tanazuki is a stubborn nice man who gets Shiro to slowly open up and talk more. Mr Tanazuki also has a huge secret.

A geeky boy joins the party. Is he trying to stir things up or is he just hurt from his own past?

Will Shiro be free of sadness that clouds his heart or will Mr Tanazuki get fired?

Maybe even something else might happen between the two.

  • boyxboy
  • gayromance
  • highschool
  • japan
  • murdermystery
  • yaoi
That's so true! Having to be titled a 'social butterfly' is hard cause everyone talks to you too much. And especially in my class where people don't know their boundries
Relatable. At least then I can cry in peace without anyone knowing
ThatGirlOverThere-_- ThatGirlOverThere-_- Jul 07, 2016
Your great at writing, you deserve a cookie ^^ *gives cookie*
Gogo_juice Gogo_juice Oct 29, 2016
Aw god is this going to be another sad story?! I just came from one and I'm really hoping it's not as sad
StrangeGinger2002 StrangeGinger2002 Nov 30, 2016
*looks to the empty room around me* this is nice. I am happy. I am content. *person walks in* OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU GET OUT SHOO SHOO pesky bee
NekoLover1313 NekoLover1313 Aug 22, 2016
I have been alone for a while now. At first it is ok but after a while you get desperate for any kind of human touch