Super Luigi Sunshine + Briana's Adventure

Super Luigi Sunshine + Briana's Adventure

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*Briana/Bree* By NintendoBriana Updated Mar 24

If you want to follow the main story check out Captain Kit.

Briana the young and forgotten sister of the Mario Bros is a hero that isn't known. When she heard that Luigi is going to Isle Definio with Princess Daisy  she knows history will repeat itself so she borrows Fludd for the entire adventure so she can help her brother. But with a new evil on the loose and a evil doppelganger she will have one adventure she will never forget! Rewritten the unfinished behind the sences story that you never heard about!

Oringally Release December 11th 2017
Rerelease March 1st 2019

I do not have ownership for all Nintendo charaters Nintendo owns the charaters.

Plot and Story belong to Captain Kit
Behind The Sences Story belongs to me

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