A werewolf thing

A werewolf thing

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"Listen,and listen good. I don't want a mate. I never did! So I, Ashton Smith, reject you, Saphira Richards as my mate." Ashton sneered at me in disgust.
  I felt tears prick my eyes as my heart seemed to shatter into a million pieces. He...rejected me. My wolf howled in pain.
  "B-But you're my mate, you're suppose to love me no matter what." I stuttered. He narrowed his eyes at me as a look of clear disgust crossed his face.
   "Well I don't, and I never will, so get over it you Loser." Ashton said. I watched as he turned around and walked away, leaving me alone and empty in the school library.

Ashton Smith is a rebellious alphas son who is always partying and getting high, not to mention having a new girl every other night.

Saphira Richards is a shy girl with a witty sense of humor only her friends know about. She also happens to be a werewolf. But with a dark past and secrets of her own, can she really handle what fate has thrown her way this time?

What happens when paths collide, and total opposites are destined for each other? Will it just be another werewolf thing or something more?

*One of my earlier books, so please forgive any mistakes, I was younger and new to writing for an audience.*

  • alpha
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • luna
  • romance
Luci-Chan-Queen Luci-Chan-Queen Aug 02, 2017
A jerk, a fůckêr, and a all of the swear words even slût and whôrě
dana3bro3music dana3bro3music Mar 31, 2016
I don't know why but I got angry at this so called "Lauren" u have a mate you dumb nut! Stop wasting your time with someone else that doesn't belong to u
TrisPotter4ever TrisPotter4ever Nov 25, 2016
Story of my life except tht my sister wakes me up and not even in a friendly manner shes just like "WAKE UP BÌTCH TIME TO GO TO HELL" 
                              And shes younger than ms
                              12 to be precise
Wyntir_The_Wizard Wyntir_The_Wizard Jan 28, 2017
TrisPotter4ever TrisPotter4ever Nov 25, 2016
Oh wait this is the guys p.o.v. no wonder i was so confused 😂😂😂
dana3bro3music dana3bro3music Mar 31, 2016
Is it Lauren? Crap I mad now. She better go away before I scream, Ashton get your strawberry mate!!!!