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Sugary Blood ( Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball)

Sugary Blood ( Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball)

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Rosemary G. By TMNTfangirl_511 Updated Jun 18, 2014

Marshal Lee groaned quietly and flipped his hair out of his face. He had a sharp glare and his eyes darted around the room at all of the candy people. Why would Gumball even dare to invite him to one of these tacky balls, when he knew he was hated? He obviously didn't fit in here, and no one liked him, it's not like he cared.. but it was pointless. His eyes caught the attention of that bubbly pink guy- Prince Gumball. He had to be the most annoying creature in the candy kingdom, and most of the most annoying things was...he was PINK. What an ugly color that was.. it made Marshal Lee cringe. Suddenly, those eyes on that pink face met Marshal Lee's. Marshal Lee jumped, his eyes widened. Why would he look back over here? He folded his arms and glanced away. He looked back towards him through the crowd, Bubble gum wore a small smile, looking at him he winked. His hands were occupied by Fionna's, who was too indulged in the fact that she was dancing with the prince.. she didn't notice his e...

Also I think it's Marshall Lee Marshall with two l's not one
MissJacksonkma MissJacksonkma Jul 15, 2016
                              This is like the first gumlee fanfic where gumball makes the first move but in like all of them gummy invites Marshall to a ball Marshall runs away from the ball and they end up kissing anyway.
"I'm just your problem" 🎵🎶♩♩🎶🎵🎤🎤 I sang that part
I'm not gonna lie but ppl standing behind walls and biting their lip.....that's hot😷
Nobody_1299 Nobody_1299 Feb 25
I agree with you IS an ugly color!But i still like Bubba!
Owlgirl424 Owlgirl424 Feb 16, 2016
Why I ship dis, I don't know........ why I'm questioning this, SOMEBODY SHUT ME UP, I WANNA SHIP IT!!!