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                                      what if you picked up a book
                                      and instead of you falling in love
                                      with the character, 
                                      they fell for you?

                                                         © emma jo

Tbh i love when books are written in al lowercase. It gives off some vibe I can't explain
This is so me I can't even... I go to bed at 4 am because I'm reading and wake up at 1 and start reading
interesting, literally the first fanfic ive read where zayn and harry are best friends and not best badguys
1DandR5ffs 1DandR5ffs Jun 10
Percy (from ALL the Percy Jackson books) but right now, House of Hades by Rick Riordan.
No but seriously what if you were reading a book and the character fell for you but you didn't know it because they can do anything about because they're iN THE PAGES AND YOUR MIND?,!,??;$:
L0litsalex L0litsalex May 29
just casually brings up drugs when you could've brought up something totally different