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Gold X Reader - Pokemon Special One Shots

Gold X Reader - Pokemon Special One Shots

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picnicpower By picnicpower Updated Jun 08, 2015

PART ONE: You're new here, in New Bark Town. And ever since you've started high school here, a certain someone has had his eyes all over you. You're too good for him though - smarter, more mature, respectable - you're just simply incompatible. But when his personality changes over night... Do you figure out you loved him before?

~Smut Warning~ 

PART TWO: Courage and bravery and things that you've always struggled to find within yourself. When a young stranger challenges you to a Pokemon battle with unquestionable confidence not only in himself, but in you too, will you find that courage isn't always internal?

PART THREE: Can you ever get away from your embarrassing family?! On a family trip to Mahogany Town's Ice Festival, your family publicly mortifies you so you take off into the woods. While there, you meet a charming (air headed) boy who has some problems of his own. You quickly become wrapped up in his exciting adventure, a perfect way to get away from your family! But - is that what you really want?

PG-13 For suggestive themes and offensive language. That is, if it offends you.

Pictures are from Google, Pokemon and Gold are from Nintendo, the story is from me to you ; )!

SkarmQueen SkarmQueen Mar 12
I loved this one shot sooo much!! Perverted sweetheart Gold is the guilty pleasure of my life seriously~
                              Hope you can post more of these Golden stories soon!
Wait am i the only one who noticed it went from quilava to typhlosion then back to quilava?
That sounds like me to a best friend says that the one that will fit how act towards boy is 'bi*ch'........yup
Me:Silver, form 1-10 how do you feel right now?
LightCrystal5674 LightCrystal5674 Sep 14, 2016
Goddamn why do I have a straight face when I read lemons but almost yell and blush when I read cute little fluffiness
                              *reads porn*
                              *straight face*
                              *reads 'their nooses booped*
Shineba-Chan Shineba-Chan Aug 20, 2016
I feel as if I would kiss his finger even if I didn't like him
                              I guess I'm just that motherly -sighs-