My Immortal (mxm)

My Immortal (mxm)

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[This story is mxm; mature and unedited]

Maxx Harling is a shifter. A feline leopard shifter. He's unique in such a way that he has eternal youth. But when the only mortal friend he had ever had, known and wanted in his life leaves him alone. Maxx has to leave town with all his memories of his best friend and look after a little something that his friend left behind for him, as well as having to keep an eye on that stupid demon that follows him around like a lost puppy.

But Maxx starts getting a bad feeling, and his past experiences are making it more difficult to ignore. He's getting worried, and when he's threatened o his own property Maxx is inclined end this and protect his loved ones.

[This is book one of The Immortal Series. WARNING: This book contains mature language and graphical content consisting between two men. I do not leave A/N's in this series, nor do I change perspective. The protagonist is the protagonist and that will not change in any of the books. I hope you enjoy my stories, and don't forget to comment / vote.]

My Immortal
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