Point Break | DC

Point Break | DC

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"All you must do, is come with me to aid the mother." 

My eyes diverted to the Unity and I looked back up at the satisfied expression on the villain's face, in that moment knowing that nothing in the world, no possible gains imaginable could ever incite my betrayal of humanity.

I feel my flare for the dramatics surface in perfect time, I smirked up at Steppenwolf.

"Well... I have to say man, it's a tempting offer really..."

My eyes wander around the vast space, looking like I was deep in thought. 

"But I only have three words for you."

Steppenwolf looked down at me with raised eyebrows, signalling for me to get on with it.

"Go Suck a Dick."

His face immediately fell into an offended snarl and I thought back on my words, momentarily disregarding his murderous freaking expression.

"Oops! That was actually four words. You get the point though righ-"

        And that, my friends is the story of how I almost got sliced to shreds by a seven foot lunatic with an axe fetish. 


Joey Daniels, introvert, wacky sense of humour, hot mess. Now put this mentally unstable idiot into a possible apocalypse with a group of superheroes. 

What could go wrong?


AMAZING cover by : kotonamichan

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