The other Nogitsune

The other Nogitsune

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Shadowhunters_Yass By Shadowhunters_Yass Updated May 23

Clary, another Nogitsune in town! She pretends to be a human like Stiles incScotts pack but only if they knew! She can control the darkness just sometimes not the hunger! She is in love with Stiles but doesn't want to be with him because she could hurt him but she can't be without him! Clary goes to see a witch and asks if there is any way to get rid of it! There is one way find another Nogitsune kill it and take the big smashing it and the evil side will go with it also the you will be human! Clary soon told the pack what she was and the plan and they trusted her so the plan was on to kill Void who is back some how! Read to find out! 

I am also working on another story so this may take some time! Also there will be bad language and sexual things so if you do not like that please do not read! 

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