The Horny Virgin.

The Horny Virgin.

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Typical teenage romance story: A breathtakingly beautiful young woman who is constantly labeled as a social outcast, gets her life turned upside down by some weird and completely un-cliche situation.      

Well, in this case meet eighteen year old high school senior, Harmony Daniels. After spending an amazing spring break vacation far away from her hometown, she isn't pleased to come back and find out that she has now won the title of the last virgin standing in her grade. With high hopes to end her final year with a bang, Harmony makes a vow to get the most popular guy in her class of seniors to take away the most sacred thing left to her. Her virginity.    

Now throw in her innocent best friend, helpful older sister & the biggest nerd in town and what do you got? A typical teenage romance story.        

©Copyright KeKe Biddle 2014 All Rights Reserved.  |Dedication and story idea credits to one of my closest & greatest friends, the beautiful Ashley Juarez. <3|

Dang I'm in the ninth grade and I pretty much just eat, do my work, hang with my friends and chill with my husband SpongeBob as you can see
Lmao I aint even read the story yet and I'm already ready clutching my pearls
_anachan _anachan Nov 10
lol if you're so horny af then just get a fake dildo and just masturbate yourself
baby_keala baby_keala Sep 11
I bet you that's all gossip rumors when people lost their virginity at her school. Half the school probably virgins🙄
kayy_jayss kayy_jayss Sep 15
Plueasee, why kind of dicknonsenseory I that?? Push in the lunch line and u think it's alright cuz u look good ? Dickheäd Berra park his backside at the back
😂😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😐🙈🙈🙈🙈 I think this is my que to go