Forbidden love (McNamawyer)

Forbidden love (McNamawyer)

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Everyone's pushing,
everyone's fighting,
the demon queen wants me, 
there's nowhere to hide! 

If I say the wrong thing,
or I love someone else,
she'll hunt me and break me down! 

~Heather McNamara 


Heather McNamara has a hard time. Heather Chandler, the demon queen of high school uses her as her play toy and she is too scared to say something.

One day Heather McNamara meets nerdy Veronica and everything changes. She finally felt loved and treated well. But there was a big problem...

She was the property of the demon queen, who will do everything in her power to keep her for herself and then this weird boy J.D. shows up...

Now the war was on....

Veronica vs Heather Chandler...

Tw for: violence, sexual assault, murder, suicidal thoughts, depression, offensive language, mental illness, eating disorder