You Got It Bad

You Got It Bad

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Ophelia D. Knight By Ophelia_is_Knightly Completed

I suddenly felt the need to explain. "I did not say that I hated you! I said that I didn't like you! It's totally different! Besides I didn't even mean it, I had been embarrassed. It was so obvious that I was in love with you, even a stranger would have realized it!"

He stared at me and I stared back. "You were in love with me?" 
I blushed. I just ratted myself out. I looked down at my hands and started to bit my bottom lip. This was getting out of hand.

Danielle Williams once had a crush on mr. Smooth a.k.a Damion Thompson when she was in high school but due to unfriendly circumstances she decided to give up on her feelings. 

But now she's twenty two and an aspiring business woman whose never had the touch of a man, that is, until he suddenly pops up into her life again. Now she has to read between the lines and navigate through old feelings.

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I'm 20 and never been on a date or had a kiss, so obvi I hold my v-card proudly. But my dad is legit afraid that I will be lonely for the rest of my life he irks my soul.
I'm convinced he is secretly a psychopath, luring her into his lair😓😓. Jk but this is moving too fast, where is our first date at😂
The minute you spilled your beverage on yourself was the minute when I had to put my phone down
shaneqwa shaneqwa May 15, 2016
No, she should be happy for, he came to her and why she never stepped, she expects not be around because she likes him too, that's not fair
romanceloverleonie romanceloverleonie May 05, 2016
Lol u just described Christian Keyes.... Now he is a hunk of milk chocolate
mlgvet18 mlgvet18 Oct 16, 2015
I thought he was like reaching for something and she was going to sit there with her puckered looking dumb.