My Arranged Marriage

My Arranged Marriage

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What happens when a very ordinary girl suddenly learns that she is the firstborn and direct descendant of a very powerful family?

What happens when she is forced to marry her 'family's enemy, the McMillan's only son?

This is the story of Demetria Dimple McGregor, and her life as she embarks on a marital journey with a total stranger who is proving to be even colder than when she first saw him.

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SugarCancer SugarCancer Mar 28
I wonder if for my wedding my future husband would allow me to change that custom and make the priest say 'the bride may kiss the groom' and then im gonna suck the daylights outta him. 
                              Prolly not. Siiiiiiiighh~ but i sure am gonna try
Happiness1190 Happiness1190 Jun 30, 2017
You are her mother, which means she got no beauty because of you
Lilindada Lilindada Jun 10, 2016
Is she really her mother? 
                              Such a horrible mother.. 😶😶😶
AdlinaGhaisani AdlinaGhaisani Oct 08, 2016
Is she her mother? It sounds like she is a step mother to me
Imsupernatural23 Imsupernatural23 Oct 16, 2016
Ahhhh.... now it's 2016...I'm reading this two years later....sorry I found it interesting😂😂😂
adfgtrewuiqtvxqcz123 adfgtrewuiqtvxqcz123 Jun 21, 2016
Wow, seriously!!!!!!!!!, what type of mother is she????!!!!!!!