Meeting Ophelia (Now on Radish)

Meeting Ophelia (Now on Radish)

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"So," Coffee Shop Boy said. I was watching his web-show. He took my earlier and programmed his number into it. Out of curiosity, I texted him and asked him his name. Coffee Shop Boy said 'don't worry, cutie, watch my show and all will be revealed.' So here I am, watching his show as I tried not o look at my scars.

"I met this girl today at the coffee shop I always go to. I won't say her name because I want her to do something for me at the end of the segment. Anyways, she was crying when we met and I wanted to know why. Fellas, you should never let a crying girl go unconsoled, even if you don't know her. I pulled her over to a table and started talking to her like we had know each other all out lives. This girl is beautiful, inside and out. But I noticed that she had these cuts on her wrists, and I thought 'why would such a beautiful girl feel the need to harm herself?'. I asked her about it, but she avoided my question easily.

"Coffee Shop Girl, this is where I have to ask something of you. If you want to know my name, meet me at the Coffee Shop tomorrow after school. I''m gonna need a friend since we're going to the same school, after all."
Ophelia Bello is the daughter of divorced parents. She has two older siblings, one sister and one brother, that are biological and two more half-siblings. Her mother, who remarried three years ago, has almost completely forgotten about her and her father lives a new life with her twin brother. Her older sister is away at college and has seemed to forget her too. So she cuts to take the pain away.

Ophelia meets Bram Stomes in the coffee shop where she used to work. She instantly feels wanted by the was he talks and pays attention to her. Maybe this is her reason to stop hurting herself.

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girlyyteen girlyyteen May 30, 2017
Hey could you go through the description you write if this book? Coz I found some mistakes and typos. Thanks. ❤️