Granting You a Second Life

Granting You a Second Life

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marychan aninao By chaniex24 Updated Jun 24

Li Xiuying is the youngest surgeon the world has ever seen. 

Once upon a time her work had meaning; to save lives. But soon surgery lost all of its meaning to her; she just became an operating machine. She didn't even meet the patient until they were unconscious on her surgical table like a piece of meat waiting to be carved. 
She neglected love, friendship, beauty, her health all to work tirelessly like a dog and continue to make her family happy. Even when she had no more left to give; they made sure she gave.

But betrayal came swiftly and suddenly and Li Xiuying met her untimely end at the hands of her most trusted and loves ones. 

All the world's a stage and it seems it is not yet time for Li Xiuying to exit. She finds herself waking up in her bed, 8 years in the past.

She is granted a second chance at life.