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Jackson Dean Chase By JacksonDeanChase Updated Jul 08, 2014

"Destiny has two ways of crushing us . . . by refusing our wishes . . . and by fulfilling them."

- Henri Frederic Amiel

Monday, December 8

Scott Carmichael was being stalked. He never saw the desperate girl with hungry eyes, wanting him in ways she couldn't describe. Her every move betrayed her nameless longing, her desire to step from the shadows and know what it was to be truly loved.

Stalking Scott was her morning ritual, as natural as drinking coffee, as simple as breathing air. Every day, the girl promised herself today would be different. Today would be the day Scott noticed her, took her in his arms, kissed her, and . . . She wasn't sure what happened next, only that it would be wonderful, magical, the kind of happy ending you only found in a romance novel.

That girl was me.

I followed Scott through the crowded halls of Capital High. The windows were wet with rain, endless gray waves that hid our school from the world, shrinking it until there was only this hallway, th...

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RavenBlackburn RavenBlackburn Feb 25, 2015
Haha bitch patrol. They are at every school, aren't they? I love how natural the dialogue is between your main character and her friend.
- - Aug 29, 2014
This is getting good. :D
                              I can see she's obsessing over the boy Scott. >.<
I haven't read all the way, but I just wanted to say your writing style is like wow it's like an actual conversation between the girls like I'm literally watching a movie or standing exactly there.
MissPatPat MissPatPat Aug 04, 2014
Faith reminds me of myself when i was younger ^^ was more a Rammstein/Prodigy-girl though :D but else: goth, writing (in my case Buffy-fanfic), obsession with vampires(Buffy,Anne Rice,Dracula....)
Csteptoe Csteptoe Jul 09, 2014
Oh teenage problems. (sighs) thosewere the days. This was another great chapter, I liked the back story, gave your character depth and makes her seem more realistic, as I think all teens suffer this identity crisis.  
                              Nice set up for what's to come. :)
InnanaMiss InnanaMiss Jun 26, 2014
Oh god, the horror. The dreaded "Oh you won't go talk to him. Let me do it..." So cringe-worthily familiar. I think every high school girl goes through this, at some point or another, with a well-intentioned friend. Still have those awkward memories, years after high school...