Your My Thug Forever

Your My Thug Forever

197K Reads 4.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Dejha By -Genuine- Completed


16 year old Makayla Jackson doesnt think her life will improve but when she meets thug lord Eric Walker will that change?


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jetsetterswagg jetsetterswagg Jan 17, 2016
Why is it that the mean people always have my name? Its Alexis and I'm not mean like that
maybeitstookie maybeitstookie Dec 03, 2015
why the eff u lying, y u always lying, mmmmmmm oh my gosh, stop effing lying
naakaaylaa naakaaylaa Nov 08, 2015
BISH WHERE the nigga basically said u dark as hell u prolly look like my TV turnt off
PrettyGirlCiCi PrettyGirlCiCi Nov 04, 2015
Dude you let a HOE that sucks your juniper KISS you in the MOUTH. 
                              Rule Number 1. Don't ever kiss a hoe!!
                              Rule number 2, always strap up
                              Rule number 3. DON'T FORGET 1 and 2!!!
PrettyGirlCiCi PrettyGirlCiCi Nov 04, 2015
Ummmmmm ohh my gosh stop ******* lying!!(dude voice who sing it)
                              She gonna end up causing problems with homegirl over a dude.. . watch
PrettyGirlCiCi PrettyGirlCiCi Nov 04, 2015
That's jacked up why would you even do that to her then gonna talk to her friend..... but at the same time I'm weak!! Ohh lord this shouldn't be funny I need Jesus