Reborn Legacy

Reborn Legacy

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Veronica By VeronicaPurcell3 Updated Jun 10

Neven is her name. Yet she has no name, known identity or history aside from being fished out of a fateful river near-dead and surrendered to local authorities. She finds herself a slave within an underworld city known as The Zone.

Her mysterious memory loss catches the attention of a temple master who acutely notices the strange magic surrounding her. They embark on a journey throughout The Zone, along with her friends Kalia (an unlucky beauty) and Edde (a wise and graceful mentor) to find out the purpose behind the phenomenon and reasons for the dark magic causing havoc about the underground.

Somewhere deep within the bowels sleeps a creature dreaming of an unfilled purpose enriched with chaos and conquest.

This is volume #4 of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles. 

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☆ NOTE: ☆ There are no romance elements in this story. Maybe hints, but only that.

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