Warmth: A Paranormal Romance Novella

Warmth: A Paranormal Romance Novella

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Liv Miles By LivMilesauthor Updated May 05, 2019

Can he ever forgive her?

Fire witch and full-time outcast Ariel Manchester thought her dreams had come true when Jordan Walker, her crush since high school, kissed her on New Year's Eve. 

But when Jordan reveals that he is a vampire and she is his midnight snack, Ariel uses magic to save herself- and in the process, burns her attacker to a smoldering crisp.

Now Jordan's dark and mysterious brother, Ryan Walker, is out for revenge. A talented warlock with a knack for spell casting, he summons a demon to take care of Ariel once and for all.

But Ariel isn't Ryan's only problem.

There is a price to be paid for meddling with the supernatural. A price that must be paid in blood.

And there's only one person he can turn to for help.

Enter a new world of paranormal suspense, fantasy, and new adult romance with this debut novella by Liv Miles!


Hi everybody, thank you so much for checking out my debut book, "Warmth!" Let me know what you think of this story in a comment, I would love to know your thoughts! And if you think it deserves a vote, I'm sure not going to say no!

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