Get Ya Money (Complete)

Get Ya Money (Complete)

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"I know strippers. I am friends with a few strippers and they have good souls. They have really good spirits. I feel like stripping is like selling drugs for a nigga. I’m doing what I gotta do to get it and this is what it is. I just feel like it’s equal to selling dope for a nigga and I just respect your grind that you can get out there and do it. Now at the same time, let me say that motherfuckers do just take the easy route and say ‘let me go strip.’ That’s some bull. But if you’re doing it with a purpose and you got a plan, I have no choice but to respect it. Know what I’m saying? I feel like strippers… they’re so… it’s like being naked. Like when you’re naked, you can see all of me. You know what I’m saying? It’s like ‘shit, I ain’t got nothing to hide.’ If I got naked right now… you would just see all of me. So it’s everything being put on the table."

- August Alsina

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jayonfleak jayonfleak 5 days ago
I got 3 gay friends so im always laughing even on bad days 😂
Quaviouss Quaviouss Oct 17
Umm baby let me give you some places to apply see here's this place called Subway & like umm you get paid almost $9 and hour & get yo check every 2 weeks so you betta hop on that wagon & call it a day. Shidd $2.50 my ass I get more money for lunch everyday & ion work.
I usually sigh really loud when ppl ignore me just to agg them
Jayxxo Jayxxo Nov 11
I love that name. Gonna name I first son that. Sebi for short
strip or not idc as long as she quit the $2.15 behind job💀
muvamena muvamena Nov 18
Shii wish we had that type of stuff in our fridge all you'll find is left overs 😒