Days And Nights (Gratsu Story)

Days And Nights (Gratsu Story)

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Totto By Tottosmile Completed

This is basically a Gratsu fanfic. They like each other but they don't know what to do about it. 
There's also Lucy, who's getting in the way.
And cheesy stuff.
I warn you, there is a little smut.

This was my first fanfiction. I'm currently working on fixing mistakes even though I finished it a while ago. 
It's not amazingly written and it doesn't have an amazing storyline, but I hope it's enjoyable.

Oh and disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of the characters.

- - Mar 31, 2016
All Nighters: Stay up all night, sleep all day
                              Early Birds: Get 8 hours of sleep every day, wake up refreshed 
                              Tired Ones: Sleep all day and night
                              Me: Watches Netflix all night, reads fanfics all day
Dua7374 Dua7374 Apr 13, 2016
Gray: give me the booty , show me the booty, i want the booty i want the booty
                              Natsu: WTF !?!
                              Gray: ummm..........i mean give me the bacon , show me the baken , i want the bacon i want the bacon
                              Natsu: 0_0....okay...i think i should go home
xXBangtanFanXx xXBangtanFanXx Apr 12, 2016
Not gonna lie, me when I see 2pm: OMG!!!! THAT'S A K-POP GROUP!!!! This is the problem with being in multiple fandoms at once.
kawaiipotato1089 kawaiipotato1089 Nov 22, 2016
Dat yaoi doe
                              *pushes faces together* now ur gonna kiss and ur gonna like it😈😈😈
Fluffyaoicakes123 Fluffyaoicakes123 Jul 01, 2016
If you take the r out of gray you get gay 
                              Perfect explanation
Andy_Biersacklove Andy_Biersacklove Feb 24, 2016
Damn Natsu must have a nice a$$. Everyone is talking about it! O3O