My boss is my freaking Ex?!!!

My boss is my freaking Ex?!!!

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TheGurLinFantasyLand By Kenzhie127 Updated Sep 07

I, Abigail "Abby" Wilson had no choice but to find a job A.S.A.P as I was kicked out of our house when my grumpy grandmother have had enough of my jobless lazy ass just partying, shopping, and getting drunk. The last straw was when I thought that my grandmother would not be home from a cruise and decided to throw a wild pool party at our house. Just when the party was getting hot my grandmother came home furious and kicked my friends---well, some I didn't even know---out of the house including my sorry Lil ass. I begged and told her that I'd change, but she didn't listen. She said that I could only come back when I proved to her that I'd changed. Well.. To hell with that! Now, I was unwillingly here in the executive office of the CEO of Hamilton Electronics &TelCom International Corp (HETIC); Alexander Hamilton as his executive assistant. I gaped in surprise as the boss whom I'd be working with starting today, sitting impassively on his expensive leather swivel chair was no other than my ex-boyfriend Alex back in high school who just decided to disappear without telling me!

What would Abby do? She'd already signed a two-year contract and she couldn't afford to pay the breach of contract as of now. Could she work with him knowing that they had a past? And what was with his attitude? It seemed like he had a secret grudge toward her that she could hardly comprehend. I guessed she had to find that out for herself.

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