Underheaven  - Miraculous Ladybug AU

Underheaven - Miraculous Ladybug AU

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醒めない夢 By -NixxNixx- Updated Sep 03, 2019

Below Heaven and on the top of Hell lies a place where many supernatural creatures live in a galaxy above the Milky Way that can only be reached by Portal. 



Marinette Dupian-Cheng, an Angel, is your average everyday high school student who studies Supernatural creatures like herself in her free time, with her "Very annoying friend" Chloe Bourgeois who is a Demond. 

One day a Supernatural creature from another dimension comes in one of the most rare species that has ever existed in Supernatural history a "Neko-Angel"which gets loads of attention from people at school. Except for Marinette, who is extremely wary of the "Neko Angel" due to the fact that most of them are Vampires in disguise looking for trouble and drama.