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Crazy For You (Frerard)

Crazy For You (Frerard)

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franksenpai By franksenpai Completed

*Complete* Gerard, in a moment of desperation and sexual frustration, decides to call a sex hotline. he intends to make it a one time thing but things take an unexpected turn.  (Long Chapters)
Smut warning

all i can think is metallica. if you get what im saying i love you forever.
I mean, I'm cringing but like also "WTF Gerard, think of all the money you're wasting right now!!"
im actually crying i can't even get through this without laughing idk if i'll even finish the first chapter
Um, that doesn't sound enjoyable, but, I'm gonna go with the flow, whatever makes you happy Frank
guys i've uploaded this to my account with the chapters that this person has left out! this original was written on archiveofourown and i've gave full credit to them. 
                              i've done this bc i prefer wattpad over that website. so yeh, ur welcome & enjoy reading ALL the chapters Xx
This is too awkward, I want fluff why am I reading this? Bad choice for fluff, but the author is fantastic so I'll keep reading. Also this reminds me of that scene in GOTG where Rocket- you know what never mind, I'll just go. Heh. (: