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[Complete + Featured] Rosalie had the perfect summer all planned out: queen of her social circle, she aimed to leave a lasting impression before going to uni. 

But when her mum's job means that she has to spend the summer in an American coastal town, the cracks in Rose's life begin to show. Far away from home, she struggles to maintain her superficial friendships, battles with her deteriorating relationship, and fights against her mother's unfair demands. On top of that, her one place of escapism--the beach--is tarnished by the presence of Brent: an unfriendly, but undeniably handsome, lifeguard.

With clashing personalities, Rose and Brent couldn't be more different, but their mutual love of the beach forces them together and sparks begin to fly.

Brent might be an expert at saving troubled swimmers, but while they both drown in their own problems and struggle to get to the surface of each other's issues, just who will end up rescuing who?

ChickLit #1

**Wattys 2015 Winner**

Completed & Featured

Moolisadump Moolisadump Jan 10
That relationship sounds hella bad. U shouldn't worry about that stuff if the relationship is good
rhavenclaws rhavenclaws 4 days ago
wow I don't think I've ever liked first person narrative this much before! The way you portrayed Rosalie is so good and I absolutely love the writing x
Suzuki_Kyoko Suzuki_Kyoko Dec 28, 2016
Lmao me during the summer: stay home, sleep, watch Netflix,  do homework, do chores, go on Wattpad, raid the fridge
Suzuki_Kyoko Suzuki_Kyoko Dec 28, 2016
Can I just say that I absolutely love your writing style and the layers that the main character has?  I've gone through a lot of stories this past week and they were either written in an underdeveloped style or the characters had no character development at all whatsoever.   Keep up the good work!
I want to live on the ocean... but at the same time I want to be in the city... see, I currently live in the country an hour's drive away from the nearest city, and although my house is surrounded by a beautiful forest and wetlands full of life, it seems like we always want what we don't have (sigh)
rissemntflc rissemntflc Dec 29, 2016
Summer: food food food books books books sleep sleep sleep movies movies movies bed bed bed