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Rosalie had the perfect summer all planned out: queen of her social circle, she aimed to leave a lasting impression before going to uni. 

But when her mum's job means that she has to spend the summer in an American coastal town, the cracks in Rosalie's life begin to show. Far away from home, she struggles to maintain her superficial friendships, battles with her deteriorating relationship, and fights against her mother's unfair demands. On top of that, her one place of escapism--the beach--is tarnished by the presence of Brent: an unfriendly, but undeniably handsome, lifeguard.

With clashing personalities, Rosalie and Brent couldn't be more different, but their mutual love of the beach forces them together. As sparks begin to fly, the socialite and the lifeguard both find themselves embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Brent might be an expert at saving troubled swimmers, but while they both drown in their own problems and struggle to get to the surface of each other's issues, just who will end up rescuing who?

ChickLit #1

**Wattys 2015 Winner**

Money doesn't buy happiness but it is better to cry inside a Lambo than on your bike, isn't it?😂
neriahg neriahg Nov 11
It takes at like 8 hours to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and it's in the same state... plus they aren't even at the borders of another state
My country Singapore is pretty tiny, so it only takes roughly about an hour (depends on traffic too) to get from east to west :D
PkTara PkTara Nov 26
Money may not buy you happiness but it sure can buy you a whole lot of chocolate to drown your sorrows in
So you telling me you did all this while I stayed at home reading watt pad books 
                              Oh ok
Galaxy1113 Galaxy1113 Nov 17
Dude just use your wealthy family's connections already and expose your friend and boyfriend to public till they're hated by society then die miserable...probably by suicide, even. But it's better to let them live cuz they'd have a PROLONGED suffering. Simple Revenge, dude...simple revenge. 😌