My Not So Princelike Enemy (interacial)

My Not So Princelike Enemy (interacial)

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"You are really stupid you know that? How can you not know what 2x2 is? " He smirks.

"Just leave me alone! I am not stupid." I yell, beginning to shed tears, feeling weak and stupid as he just told me.

Ashley is a senior in high school and she has always been victim of bullying due to her mental retardation. At the age of 5, her drunk father abused her physically, mentally, and verbally, to the point of pushing her down the stairs of their two story, which resulted in the cracking of her skull and massive blood loss. 

She needs help to get through her last year. Will she be able to get pass Henry Callahan, who is the prince of the school, and who is the leader of all the taunting Ashley has been getting all those years. How will she survive her abusive family and Henry who claims her as his?

lovekilles2 lovekilles2 Nov 19
Yass girl  stand up 4 ur self now run like the flash bitch 💨🏃
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Jul 17
Shut up dont talk about other people or judge til you are a 100% flawless, which you arent work on your character and then work some more you are a mean person Henry
Doesn't that classify him as being dumb also if their in the same classes? If he's so smart shouldn't he be in higher level class then ? 🤔🤔🤔
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'Oh it's that stupid bitch that watches people being taken away. Don't worry, nobody cares if anything happens to her.'
i serusoly already hate him and girl u need me to fit is fuckin ass and get is peas sized brain correctly