My Not So Princelike Enemy (interacial)

My Not So Princelike Enemy (interacial)

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"You are really stupid you know that? How can you not know what 2x2 is? " He smirks.

"Just leave me alone! I am not stupid." I yell, beginning to shed tears, feeling weak and stupid as he just told me.

Ashley is a senior in high school and she has always been victim of bullying due to her mental retardation. At the age of 5, her drunk father abused her physically, mentally, and verbally, to the point of pushing her down the stairs of their two story, which resulted in the cracking of her skull and massive blood loss. 

She needs help to get through her last year. Will she be able to get pass Henry Callahan, who is the prince of the school, and who is the leader of all the taunting Ashley has been getting all those years. How will she survive her abusive family and Henry who claims her as his?

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  • interacial
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So times i wish it was possible to jump into a story,movie, tv show with people this disrespectful and see jow the like when they get handed back to them
mousy188 mousy188 Nov 19
What a ball buster hahahahaha
                              Sorry couldn't help myself lol
Oh she can say a lot she is just being so much nicer than me because I would have many other words to say
Peacerilli Peacerilli May 10
Good start gurl! Wouldve stomped on it too for good measures 🙄
iam_nae_ iam_nae_ Oct 12
Why be such a bitch aśs nigga for? And it's sad because some people are like this
Sweetie last time I checked this is a high school not day care. And also back the FRICK up and shut the FRICK up before I do it for you