Hero Housekeeper

Hero Housekeeper

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Kyle Chapman By Kai-shiro Updated Aug 10

Everybody knows about the heroes that protect the innocent and punish the evil. 
Everyone knows about the Justice League, the Earth's finest heroes that protect the planet in it's darkest hours. 
The Justice Society of America, a menagerie of heroes young and old.
The Outsiders, a cadre of defiant heroes that defend the light, even if it means falling to their own darknesses. 
And of course, the Teen Titans, a team of young heroes from all walks of life inspiring youths all around the world. 

But what about the people behind these heroes? What about the people who coordinate with the Justice League? The ones who restore the destruction from their long battles? What about the person who cooks a hot dinner for Batman every night? Or the person who washes Superman's tights? Ever spared a thought for the person that cleans up Beast Boy's 'messes' after Taco Tuesday? You should. 

This is the story of one of those people, the story of Nathan 'Nate' Wallis - The Hero Housekeeper!

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