bella and alec 2

bella and alec 2

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horsefanatic123 By horsefanatic123 Updated Jun 17, 2014

oh my god i hate clothes i thought to myself as i looked through ny wardrobe i picked out a dark purple shirt and a pair if black pants i quickly slipped them on and walked down stairs carefully as not to fall i was wearing a pair of heels and i did not want to fall flat on my face i walked into the kitchen and got out a bowl of cerial and starter to eat it after finushing it i washed my bowl and picked up my bag and headed toward my car ready for my first day of school at forks high.i slowly walked down the stairs and over to my car  i opened the door and sat down i started the engion 

and drove to forks high it was a relitivly small school i walked over to the door that said office and introduced myself to the lady brhind the counter hi im new my name is isabella volturi could i please have my schedual the lady called carren handed me two pieces of paper i took a look at the one was my claases and the otjer was a map of the school i notices this was my schedual