Another chance at the apocalypse

Another chance at the apocalypse

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_wallflower_z_ By _wallflower_z_ Updated Oct 26, 2019

*Warning this is a BL if you don't want to read a BL then please move along*

Landon woke up gasping for air clutching my chest. 'Where in hell am I' He thinks as he look around his apartment in astonishment. 'I should be dead now. I was torn apart by those zombies, so why I back in my apartment?' He thought. He looks over on his bed side table and grabs his phone that was charging it read 8:45 pm March 21, 20XX. 'What is going on I was suddenly thrown back in time?' He thought. It's a whole 2 and half years till the end of the world. Maybe everything was just a dream, maybe there won't be an apocalypse, but maybe there will be.

P.S. this is kind of like a light  novel and for the setting of this book it kind of like if America and China had a f*cked up baby. So a setting doesn't exist I didn't even bother to put a year but it's more or less in modern times. 

P.P.S. I'm new at writing and if anyone has any suggestions on how this book (thing) should go please leave a comment, and I'm always editing this so it will be the best it can be.