Kingdom of Lothoria

Kingdom of Lothoria

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Holly and Tori By Crazy_People_410 Updated Mar 08

King Robertus Auro has an iron grip on his kingdom of Lothoria. The people fear him, his laws and the Royal Guard. None more than his daughter, Rayn. She wants nothing more than to be free of her cruel father.

When she runs away, she barely escapes the castle guards and flees into the safety of the forest.

Once she's free of her father and on her own, she realizes she doesn't have the skill to survive outside the castle. Fate sends her two dragon riders, Galileo and Riker. They are soon joined by Merrigan, a sorceress sentenced to die by burning. 

Their group is joined by others and before they know it, these unlikely companions find themselves part of the rebellion plotting to take down King Robertus.

**This story was originally begun with 2 other users, but they stopped participating so Holly and I finished it on our own and completely edited the entire thing.

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