Complete Dominance

Complete Dominance

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Chelly By KissMePretty Updated Sep 02, 2015

"You can't handle my life style sweetheart." she purred into his ear.

He sharply inhaled air, "Y-yes I can." 

Humming she trailed her hands up his thighs, "Can you really?" 

He tried to nod his head but instead his head tipped back. A strangled moan shuffled past his puffy lips. Her fingers unbuttoned his pants and she set free his hard-on. "Hmm, I see you didn't wear underwear, is that normal?" 

"Y-you called me so s-suddenly, I-I didn't have ti-" his sentence cut off the second her hand gripped around his dick.

Moans tumbled out of his gorgeous mouth as her hand slid up and down repeatedly. "My life style involves submission and dominance. Do you know what that means?" 


With her free hand, she lifted up his shirt. Licking a nipple, she purred as he started to jerk his hips wildly. Biting down on his nipples, she closed her eyes as she heard his strangled moan. Warm liquid traveled down her hand. Sitting up straight she crossed her legs and licked her hand clean. 


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