The Hard Way (A Female Percy Jackson/ Young Justice Crossover)

The Hard Way (A Female Percy Jackson/ Young Justice Crossover)

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Jane By UnmotivatedButTrying Updated Aug 24

Persephone Jackson just wanted a brief hiatus to rest and recover after the Second Giant War. Of course that was never possible because the fates hated her. The Young Justice team was hot on her trails over something she thought had been cleared up with the Justice League. 

"How can we even be sure she's involved?" Artemis asked. "All we have is a name." 

"And now we have a picture." Robin flipped pulled the image up and showed the team. It was a slightly blurry younger version of the girl who materialized before then earlier. "I think it's safe to say she's involved." 

"Well, now what?" Megan asked. "We dont know where she is and or how to find her." 

"We could Google her." Conner suggested. 

"Don't be ridiculous. We'll only come up with Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's useless." Robin told the clone. 

Miss Martian ignored the black haired boy and looked up the name on . To say the least, they found more than just social media accounts. Articles upon articles on this girl having performed incredible feats- surviving kidnappings, gunfights, property destruction, evading the police, among other things. 

"I guess we'll start in Manhattan. That's apparently where she lived at the time of the earliest article." Artemis skimmed back through the first article on her phone. They had all taken to looking her up themselves since it was just that easy. 

"Sounds like a plan, but we shouldn't go quite yet. We need to be careful with this, so the League doesn't catch on." Robin said, to which they all nodded in agreement. 

They all retreated back into the mountain and went to either the Zeta tubes or their rooms, depending on where they resided. They had begun hunting for Persephone Jackson without the permission of the Justice League. 


A female Percy Jackson and Young Justice story. Roy Harper/Red Arrow is the romantic interest in this story and be warned that it will cover hard topics like drug abuse and such. 
Disclaimer I don't own YJ or PJO.