Crazed, Dazed, and Amazed.

Crazed, Dazed, and Amazed.

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Olivia By xXSlightlyTwistedXx Updated Mar 20, 2011

Denise Andrews is a patient at a mental institution. She is a schizophrenic, and not proud to say so. The voices in her head keep her awake at night, and she has reoccurring hallucinations of the night she nearly killed her own mother.

No one at the institution wants to affiliate with Denise. They call her ‘The Invisible Girl,’ a name given to her because she rarely ever comes out of her room, barely eats, and never speaks. 

When an investigative journalist named Bekka comes to the institution to provide information to the public about its living conditions, which have been under controversy for quite some time, she is fascinated with Denise. Bekka probes her until Denise finally comes out of her shell, and finds enough time to write a column about living conditions…and about Denise. Little does either of them know, they have found the closest relationship either of them has ever had. In a friend.

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SweetAngel18 SweetAngel18 Mar 21, 2011
Awesme! But whats kinda funny is dat my names Stacey, spelt the same way as the first voice too, creepy (in a good way tho) lol, love the story. 
TaraStokes TaraStokes Mar 20, 2011
yea so... one question.  The voices.  mine or yours?  haha jkjk i love you.. great writing.  would you be so kind as to print it and let me rip it apart- i mean edit it in a bright coloured pen? haha thanks
pemmas pemmas Mar 20, 2011
wow, i really love how youve managed to create a character who is so brilliantly smart yet not smart at the same time... its beautifully written, and though i dont know anything about mental illnesses, i can tell that youve captured it perfectly...great work XD