Survived By Secrets

Survived By Secrets

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Kai By kailews Updated Apr 08

Almost dying can change a person. For most it pushes them to live life to the fullest; for Ryan, it lets him hear voices and see ghosts.

After a fatal car crash, Ryan Hubbard wakes up hearing a voice in his head that isn't his own. It wants him to find something--someone. As if that isn't the worst of his problems, he can see ghosts too. Naturally, he tries telling people about his new abilities. And just as naturally, no one believes him.

When Ryan gets dared to go into a supposedly haunted house, he almost refuses. But curiosity gets the best of him when something inside him (specifically, the voice) tells him to go. He wasn't exactly hoping to find anything inside-least of all the diary of a dead little girl and the sudden urge to find her killer.

With the help of his friend Lya and the voice that refuses to leave him, Ryan is set to unravel the mysteries and unlock the secrets of the little child's past.

• • • 

A paranormal mystery that takes place mostly in the present and sometimes in the 1960s.

• • •

This work mentions suicide, contains mildly violent, and/or traumatic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Cover by: @solidarity_

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