The Wolf and the Crow | Blooded Series | Werewolf

The Wolf and the Crow | Blooded Series | Werewolf

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"King Rysier, how are you sure she is the one? Last time you made this mistake you destroyed the northern village. I can't except another one of your faults. Every time you make a mistake, the kingdom will keep second-guessing you until they have no more faith." 

"You're questioning if I recognize my true mate? You have got to be dicking around with me. I know she's my one truest. I feel it within my soul by the way she mocks the Moon, mocking the Moon Goddess, laughs in the rain, enjoying life, or when she smiles at me, with love in her eyes. I know my Beloved Blooded," his rough baritone voice resounds across the main hall cementing his bond with the foreign woman. 

"Yes, but last time-"

"You're questioning your King? You're asking me if I feel the intense burn to mark my mate and mate with her through every sunset and rise? Or when she wears gowns that make her curves more prominent and make me want to take her then and there? Or when she gets out of breath and her lips look full and addicting? Are you asking that, Gamma? I can say with full soul and no trepidation that she is the one, the Queen."

"You have to understand, King Rysier, the circumstances of her other relationships are concerning and unethical for the Kingdom," Gamma Remington carefully utters. 

"Are you speaking of my beloved's lover?"

"Yes, your majesty, that's the circumstance I'm trying to address."

| B E L O V E D   B L O O D E D |

"Sometimes a king needs to fall from his throne 
Lose his crown
And be abandoned
To understand how high he sat."

Varity Crows

"A king shouldn't be judged on 
How much his kingdom is worth,
But what his Queen thinks of him."

Loxias Rysier

| S E C O N D   O F   T H R E E |
| C A N   B E   A   S T A N D - A L O N E |
| T H E   F I R S T   O F   TH E   S E R I E S   I S   B E I N G  R E W R I T T E N -- N O T   P O S T E D |