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After School with Mr. Obnoxious (PUBLISHED)

After School with Mr. Obnoxious (PUBLISHED)

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LeighFrankie By LeighFrankie Completed

"Samantha Banks! Get a hold of yourself, woman! I have a girlfriend!"

It could have been just another school year for Samantha Banks. Her aim was simple: graduate top of her class, leave town, and move to a good college, but at the same time, stay hidden under the radar. Yet, fate has set a different course for her. 

Her path crossed Aaron Lanter, their high school's most famous jock, but not in a good way. During a game of truth or dare, a drunken Sam kissed Aaron, which made Nicole, his girlfriend, bent on a mission to destroy Sam. 

After suffering enough, Sam decides it is time to fight back, and what greater opportunity than being designated as Aaron's tutor? Absorbed by her goal, she is now entangled in her own vengeance, but not before her friends made her realize that there is something more to this than an act of revenge- discovering things about herself and Aaron. 

What will they discover about themselves? How will they deal with the complexity of their situations? Will what started as a nightmare scenario end well for both of them? 

This is not your typical story of high school survival. This is a journey of freedom, revelations, and friendship. Grab a copy now!

KitKatastrophe KitKatastrophe Mar 12, 2016
I'm just going to imagine her as Nina Dobrev. I don't imagine a lot of people like her but it just feels right.
                              Usually I would read the first chapter and see what actor comes to mind and that's who I imagine...
NaoNai NaoNai Jan 17
I knew she would be like this but it still annoys me that every single wattpad girl has good grades. Plus she sounds so boring... hope it gets better.
stephmaegin stephmaegin Jul 23, 2016
The. lol. Simple mistake. 
                              Sorry. I love editing and finding little mistakes. 😊
oXxskinnylovexXo oXxskinnylovexXo May 23, 2016
Just finished reading a book with the main character named Aaron like 10 minutes ago 😂😂 I have him in my mind and I keep thinking why tf he's acting like a bítch but then I remember it's a different book 😅
TheGeekyMe TheGeekyMe Sep 17, 2016
Everyone at my school would be banging on the tables , screaming, and shouting "are you gonna take that"
InnocentlittleRebel_ InnocentlittleRebel_ Mar 16, 2016
I am being honest er but.........i LEGIT HAD TO HUNT DOWN THIS BOOK!