Hunted -pjo-

Hunted -pjo-

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After the war with Geae, Percy is broken. So many demigods died, and he thinks its all his fault. How can he cope with this wave of depression?

Nick Fury, got recent sightings on his favorite criminal, Percy Jackson, who managed to keep under Shield's radar for far too long. Its time to send in the team to capture this foe.

When these two very different worlds collide together, what will happen? Will enemies be made? Or friendships patched? And when a new threat rises, will they be able to work together?

Rated PG-13 for cursing and gore.

Yes, this book does include many bloody scenes, please read at your own risk (do not read if you cannot handle these kinds of stories).

All rights to Marvel and Rick Riordan for the characters

If you think about it they killed Gaea before August 18 so he was still 16.
Please enough (sob) I'm (sob) going to (sob) CRY! Ahhhhhj😢😢😢
Awwww heeeeelllllllllllllll naaaaaaaaawwww biach!!!!! Ain't nobody up in here gonna give you mercy!! Ain't that right  demigods??
Sticks=Harry James Potter
                              Swords=Persues Neptune Achilles Lokison Jackson
                              Now it makes sense Alecto
SkyB1113 SkyB1113 Feb 18
                              Who will cause Percy to break
Holy cow they have sticks? Oh no, HIDE YOUR KIDS. HIDE YOUR WIFE