Chasing Harry [Sequel to Chasing The Moments]

Chasing Harry [Sequel to Chasing The Moments]

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I left for a reason and I wasn't going to drag myself back into it.

            Growing a pair of balls, I took a deep breath and cleared my throat once more.

            “I came here to get a few things.” I said, my voice sounding weak to my ears but, strong enough to convince Louis I really wasn’t here for him―or was I?

            Snap out of it Harry, no; you are not.

            I knew if Louis was going to try and say something I might just break down right here and right now and bring him back with warm and opening arms, sinking myself back into this mess that I am trying to make sense of. I broke promises, I destroyed his trust in me and it’s my entire fault.

            He didn’t say anything, still standing there, frozen.

            Swallowing, I started walking past him until he slammed his hand flat on my chest; stopping me from walking any further.

            I slightly looked down, meeting his gaze, and holding my lips in a tight line.

            Louis shook his head, blinking rapidly. “That’s all?” He croaked out.

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larrystubeoflube larrystubeoflube Mar 01, 2015
Just the title is making my cry..."chasing harry" For some reason it reminds me of "looking for alaska" idk why, i'm really looking forward to it!
niallzforever niallzforever Aug 08, 2013
I'm already crying bc the description. Btw I dont know if you noticed on Chasing Moments but I comment a LOT so dont hate me :3
Inhalescomiche Inhalescomiche Jul 16, 2013
Thank you for making a squeal I love your writing it's amazing I just asdhixnsisn no writer or author as made me cry so thank you for being the first ! (:
jewlpickle jewlpickle Jun 26, 2013
The first one was really great. My only disappointment was at the end my heart dropped:((( 
                              Ready to read this. :)))
kay1224xox kay1224xox Sep 29, 2012
I love this so much!! Can u read and give me feedback on my first chapter? Its really bad and i need some feedback :D