The Blind Faggot.

The Blind Faggot.

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I walk through the halls of Falls High with some girl sent by my dad being as rich as he is, sent someone just to follow me around and make sure I get to class, but they never help me because they now I get when people touch...

Sengoxyaoi Sengoxyaoi Feb 14
Now I got the song from One Direction playing in my head on a permanent loop >~<
traevon50 traevon50 Aug 13
Boy ur selfish actually !!! Ever one is not he a as u nigga. So imma need to u get that smart ugly mouth closed and locked for the rest of the story. Thank u
Ohmyziamx Ohmyziamx Mar 06
I guess some people can't cope like others can, if my boyfriend died, I'd be the kind that just stopped talking and closed everyone off because that's how I deal with pain, it must be really hard for Nathan
Don't try to be a one-up on pain, Cameron. If he has lost someone dear to him it isn't a crime to be in pain. Let him be in pain. Its just the way he deals with it.
Cayden141 Cayden141 May 21
Nathan should not be so distant from his parents like Cameron said he needs to stop being so slefish other people are sad to
crazy-kiara crazy-kiara Jun 11
Omg why is there so many death I'm crying already 
                              And I know how it feels to lose the one you love it sad I change from it my parents want me to be more open and talk about it but I can't cause even metioning his name kills me on the inside so I know how he feels