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The Blind Faggot.

The Blind Faggot.

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Khaleesi By NewKhaleesi Completed

All Right Reserved.

This book belongs to DarkOverLordkira.

I do not own any of the pictures of the persons or songs shown in this book unless said otherwise. It is simply used to give the reader what I invisioned the character to look like or a song for the reader to listen to  while reading.

Please report any acts of plagiarism to me.
DarkoverLordKira (: Also please take note of the tags on my stories whether it is mpreg,boyxboy , mature etc so while reading you will understand. 

Some people may argue and say that I should of warned them that it was a boys love book but I don't see anything  to warn you about it's just a boy loving a boy. Although I will warn you if a sexual scene is going to happen.

With all that said I hope you enjoy my book. 


I walk through the halls of Falls High with some girl sent by my dad being as rich as he is, sent someone just to follow me around and make sure I get to class, but they never help me because they now I get when people touch...

Um...He loss some one he loves you can't say that you have no idea what he has been through like I get it that your mom has cancer stuff you don't know what happened in the past like you can't say that stuff
I'm neversexual
                              Get it
                              Because I'm ace?
                              Yeah I know  I'm not funny
ellaphant_ ellaphant_ Jun 17
OMG rascal flats that is a throwback holy shït do I feel old now
ellaphant_ ellaphant_ Jun 18
                              IM GONNA GETCHYA GETCHYA GETCHYA GETCHYA 
                              ONE DAY 
                              MAYBE NEXT WEEK
                              IM GONNA MEET YA
                              ILL MEET YA
                              ILL MEET YA!!!
Thatonewerido Thatonewerido 3 days ago
Dude I get you're blind and you lost someone you loved but chill out, you don't gotta be a whiny Bitch about it.
Sengoxyaoi Sengoxyaoi Feb 14, 2016
Now I got the song from One Direction playing in my head on a permanent loop >~<