The Avengers and Percy Jackson #3

The Avengers and Percy Jackson #3

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"Most people would have 'ought scream by now."

"Don't worry... I've seen worse." 

 "Worse then me? Mr. Percy Jackson, you wanna how I got these scars?"


After the loss of his friend, Percy is on the verge of breaking down.  But when the race to the Fountain of Youth begins, Percy Jackson and the Avengers suit up and get ready for a dangerous journey, needing to get to the fountain before their enemies do. Not only that, but they have help from a mysterious strange stranger. 

Backs will be turned and betrayal will strike. But the main concern is being able to reach the Fountain before the team falls apart... One by one.

                              What's weird is you don't know how to do your maths and your so much older than I am.
zephyr_end_ zephyr_end_ Nov 01
I am going to revive him. I volunteering of  my fictional lives for lokis
Percy... wait... they fought Gaea in August of the year after the titian war right? Or at least around that time... then shouldn't he be 17 by now? Taking consideration how long all of these battles took and whatnot... sorry let me just leave with my smart assness
You missed one. Number 2 is Giants, and THEN comes Gaea herself. Sure, the Giants were acting under Gaea's command, but they were still defeated in two different battles.
savygymnast savygymnast Apr 18
I failed to read the first two books... but I died and came back to life twice just so I could read the next ones:0
I don't think anyone's ever said "update slower, I can't read that fast!" On wattpad