A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

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Harry was never given a reason as to why he couldn't stay somewhere else this summer. Even with Sirius finally being freed, he was not allowed to spend it with him. So he sat, miserably so, on the train that would inevitably bring him "home". Ron and Hermione sat next to him in the compartment, planning out their summer and gushing over how much fun they would have. Harry sat wishing he was on his way to Grimuald Place instead, dreaming of anywhere but the Dursleys. 

The train finally pulled into the station, prompting its passengers to exit. Harry stood silently outside, waiting for Vernon to arrive and take him to his own personal hell. As the oversized whale of a man pulled up in his car Harry threw his trunk in the back and placed Hedwig gently next to it. He climbed in next to all of his things and Vernon instantly began a speech about freakishness in his household, the same speech he always received. When he arrived at the house he received a similar one, alo...

katieL6898 katieL6898 Jan 10
Pants as in boxers or trousers 
                              Sorry struggling English person  here 😂❤️😭
xLisa22 xLisa22 May 17, 2017
Draco has a good relationship with his mother too, why would Bellatrix kill her dear sister?
Eli_Winters Eli_Winters May 05, 2017
Wow. Normally Draco has a good relationship with his mother and not his father
I know that bellateix killed Sirius and he was her family but that was her deatheater sister whom she loved and cared about
LarrySlytherin LarrySlytherin May 22, 2017
It would be very good if you write more  fanfics about malfoy being a veela.... I need more plisss.... I love drarry...
DontMindMyDreaming DontMindMyDreaming Dec 11, 2016
*sarcastic voice* I wonder who his mate could be? *cough cough HARRY cough*