A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

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Bwefwi By Bwefwi Updated Jan 18, 2016

a/n: After a very long time I have decided to revisit this story and fix some of my grammar mistakes, as well as plot holes, and just over all nonsense. Thank you for reading.



Harry was never given a reason as to why he couldn't stay somewhere else this summer, he would be going to the Dursley's and nothing he did would change that. Even with Sirius finally being freed (after the ministry found worm tail dead in the department of mysteries, with a finger conveniently missing) he was not allowed to spend it with him. Ron and Hermione sat next to him in the compartment, planning out their summer and talking about how much fun they would have. Harry sat wishing he was on his way to Grimuald Place instead.

The train finally pulled into the station and everyone retrieved their luggage and began to leave. Harry stood silently outside, waiting for Vernon to arrive and take him to his own personal hell. As the oversized whale of a man pulled up in his car Harry threw his tru...

Draco has a good relationship with his mother too, why would Bellatrix kill her dear sister?
Eli_Winters Eli_Winters May 05
Wow. Normally Draco has a good relationship with his mother and not his father
sneepgeek sneepgeek Aug 06
*awkward laughter* he he he he okay Draco never gonna happen hehe he hd
RetroRouge RetroRouge May 03
How would he be able to hide his bruises and cuts if he's not allowed to do magic outside of school? (Sorry for nit-picking)
It would be very good if you write more  fanfics about malfoy being a veela.... I need more plisss.... I love drarry...