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A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

A Veela's Mate (Drarry)

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Bwefwi By Bwefwi Updated Jan 18, 2016

a/n: Sirius is alive and has been freed of charges. This is my first story on Wattpad so be honest and let me know what you think?



Harry was never given a reason as to why he couldn't stay somewhere else this summer, he would be going to the Dursleys and nothing he did would change that. Even with Sirius finally being freed (after the ministry found worm tail dead in the department of mysteries, with a finger conveniently missing) he was not aloud to live with him because Dumbledore wouldn't allow it. So as his friends sat next to him in the compartment, planning out there summer and talking about how much fun they would have, Harry sat wishing he was on his way to Grimuald Place instead.

The train finally pulled into the station and everyone retrieved there luggage and began to leave. Harry stood silently outside of the station, waiting for Vernon to arrive and take him to his own personal hell. As the oversized whale of a man pulled up in his car Harry threw his tr...

DontMindMyDreaming DontMindMyDreaming Dec 11, 2016
*sarcastic voice* I wonder who his mate could be? *cough cough HARRY cough*
LionMoon2003 LionMoon2003 May 11, 2016
You lucky bastard
                              Oh, *smiles with her best Umbridge interpretation she can manage* and if you EVER hurt my baby, I will personally take care of the matter.
xPottermotionalx xPottermotionalx Jan 21, 2016
well sorry to break it to ya honey but ahh..... yeah ur hopes kinda dont work out but dw you'll be glad