The Undercover Spy

The Undercover Spy

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Samantha Wild isn't your normal teenager. She's fluent in five languages, a karate master, an excellent actor, and knows how to handle a gun. Oh yeah, and she's a UIA agent at the young age of seventeen. 

Which basically means she's the bomb.

But when she gets the babysitting detail of America's sweetheart, Julia Thompson, she is devastated. The one job she never wanted to do as a spy. She'll have to go undercover as Ashely Petters and make friends with the snobby spoiled brat, so she can protect her from the possible kidnapping threat that was thrown her way. And all because the son of a mafia leader spilled one too many beans.

As Samantha lives life at the prestige boarding school, she starts to notice that everything is not as it would seem to be.

And maybe, just maybe, there's a traitor in her mist.

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My real name is Samantha so it's really exciting to read this
High_Lady_of_Hybern High_Lady_of_Hybern Dec 04, 2017
I name each dot on this dot.
                              Dot one shall be Tiffany.
                              Dot two shall be Brittany.
                              Dot three shall be Whitney.
                              Dot four shall be Stephanie. 
                              And for good luck I'll make a dot five. 
                              • Matthias.
Don't make me use my ball point pen
                              Perhaps even my blue plastic hairbrush
                              Or.. God forbid. I have to use my McDonald's to summon dead confederate soldiers
                              Only Percy Jackson fans will understand
ebarron17 ebarron17 Jan 10
How could Cady’s love interest do this. (Mean Girls is the best)
SanaaSmith1 SanaaSmith1 Dec 30, 2017
"kidnapping famous children" *immediately thinks of Finn Wolfhard* PLZ DON'T KIDNAP HIM!