The Undercover Spy

The Undercover Spy

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Samantha Wild isn't your normal teenager. She's fluent in five languages, a karate master, an excellent actor, and knows how to handle a gun. Oh yeah, and she's a UIA agent at the young age of seventeen. 

When she gets the babysitting detail of America's sweetheart, Julia Thompson, she is devastated. She'll have to go undercover as Ashely Petters and make friends with the snobby spoiled brat, so she can protect her from the possible kidnapping threat that was thrown her way. 

As Samantha lives life at the prestige boarding school, she starts to notice that everything is not as it would seem to be.

Yaskun_ Yaskun_ Oct 28
I LOVE THOS BUT PLEASE edit the spelling errors. In he first few sentences instead of we you wrote wet etc
-XxKarmaxX- -XxKarmaxX- Sep 04
Me: top 5...Hahahahahahah good one.. Where's the camera? You're gonna post this,  aren't you?
Because normal and spy mix just soooooooo well together
Show, don't tell. Sounds like you're trying to (unsuccessfully) convince us she has flaws. And cliche ones, at that.
watt2017 watt2017 Nov 29
Interesting plot thus far, however, there are many typos and grammatical errors.
skydal01 skydal01 Oct 03
Hey look it's says one for chapter one says two for chapter two this chapter and three for the third chapter