The Burning Rose

The Burning Rose

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Mad Comrade By Mad-Comrade Updated Sep 20, 2019

Beaten down daily, given barely any food, and insulted and mocked at every turn. This was the life of Brann Rose. 

His mother ignored him, his father beat him and insulted him. 

His aunt used him to test the sharpness of her sword or as a stress reliever. 

His uncle would get drunk and beat him until near unconsciousness.

The only ones who cared for him were his sisters. While they loved him, they joined in out of fear of what might happen if they spoke up. 

Brann knew his sisters didn't want to hurt him, and that they only did so because they were afraid. 

Thus, his rage burned more and more intensely towards his 'family'. 

On the day of his eleventh birthday, with the help of ten year old Yang and eight year old Ruby, he escapes to find a better life. 

Cut to seven years in the future, and Brann makes his return with a mercenary group called the 'Winslow Accord', catching the eye of a certain Headmaster.