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Born From a Fire (Kakashi daughter fanfic, KibaxOC) (MAJOR HIATUS)

Born From a Fire (Kakashi daughter fanfic, KibaxOC) (MAJOR HIATUS)

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Dragneel D. Aria By dolphinlover2 Updated Jul 10, 2016

The girl's name was Miharu, no last name. 

Raised by cruel parents and went through a horrible, tragic past.

The haunting nightmares of her village's destruction stalked her everywhere in her mind. She had no shoulder to cry on, everyone was killed. She was the only survivor. Her life looked like it came to a dead end with no friends to talk to.

But she was wrong there.

Having been raised in Konoha with the infamous Copy Ninja, also known as her new father, Kakashi Hatake, her past seemed to have been washed away. She made new friends in Konoha, one of her friends being the hot tempered, puppy loving Kiba Inuzuka, and her new life started there. 

Suddenly the Chunin Exams come out. 

Deaths occur, accidents happen, all sorts of stuff happen in this tragic event.

Read how Miharu grows up with adventure, love, a tragic back story, and the ninja way!

I might be very bad at descriptions, I'm just re-writing this from the other one I did. Enjoy anyways!!

**UPDATE** Going on major hiatus. Author is in the process of rewriting.

-AnimeGeek_- -AnimeGeek_- Dec 29, 2016
-shakes head- I need to have a talk with senpei about not abusing children
                              Levi:..... I was following orders.
                              ORDERS MY @SS!! Tch. Brat.
                              Levi: But I'm older than you.
                              But your still shorter than me!
                              Levi............... Lil' sh!t.
blind_and_beautiful blind_and_beautiful Mar 25, 2016
Kurenai isn't the one smoking all the time, why is she gasping like she dropped her cigarette down her throat
thatweirdgirl11 thatweirdgirl11 Nov 24, 2015
This book is so horribly cliché and comforting after coming back from the foreign land of :)
Alexa482 Alexa482 Oct 07, 2015
I think she's to happy, I mean her entire village just die, along with her very close friends, I think she has something wrong with her head
OverlordKris OverlordKris Nov 05, 2014
* stern face on * really people where do you learn your grammar because paragraphs should not be that long and when you're talking that on its own little area duh *hands flying in up*