The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter

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"I don't want to bang you up... too much."

"Cause I'm a girl?"

"Cause you're strong. We'll need people like you if we're going to fight back."

Unfair doesn't mean anything to Hayden anymore. Wouldn't building a long, thick stone wall dividing the poor and the rich be considered as unfair? That didn't stop the government from doing so, and cutting off the low from any official support. It's not like Hayden had a choice. Street fighting is her life... until someone else enters the picture. Someone that may change the world as we know it... and Hayden.

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January 5, 2016

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June 30, 2016
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ihaveasandwich ihaveasandwich Dec 31, 2017
Oh damn, are you sure this shouldn't be in the werewolf category?
Hluengg Hluengg Mar 09
Aaahhhhh this is the first street fighting book with my name in it I'm so excited you have no idea!!!
Joey_Jay Joey_Jay May 13, 2016
I really like this chapter, I hope they all go this way. Minor note though, Hayden slapping west was totally uncalled for in my point of view. Not that I'm judging, great work though
SaskiaChandranathan SaskiaChandranathan Jan 28, 2016
Hes so desperate for money yet hes rich... normally he should not have cared.. plus why is he on the poor side selling! Im confused and this doesnt make sense... bye!
NC_Mary NC_Mary Dec 12, 2015
When i see a book that has either dragons, werewolves, werecats, reverse harem, shifters, badass mc, assassin, ninja, female alpha or nerds who become stronger
greenbookspirit greenbookspirit Dec 03, 2015
Met you at Jag Mag today. Luv your story! Can't wait to see what happens next.