LOVE || 4Clover Romance Book 2||

LOVE || 4Clover Romance Book 2||

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Shauna McDonnell_author By ShaunaMc2019 Completed


He was my first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak. 
The prince to my modern-day fairytale and my brother's best friend. 
We loved so hard, so deep, and fiercely; but it wasn't enough. His demons were too vicious. I tried everything to save him, be the light he needed to escape the dark. 	But, in the end, his demons, and the ones I didn't know I had, won. 
Today I'm getting married... And not to the one I love. 

Alcohol destroyed my life, it corrupted my childhood and stole my adolescence. It robbed me of my future, the one that belonged to her. Loving her was paradise. Losing her was inevitable. A man so broken could never hold someone so beautiful in his palms. She was and still is, the only woman capable of healing the deepest of my scars, but I lost her. If only I had known the price she paid to save me, would rob her of the one thing she always wanted. Happily ever after. 

Is it too late for Cillian and Rosie to get the fairytale ending? Or is their love, simply not enough? 


Reader reviews: 

"This is an emotionally charged story. The feelings of the characters are beautifully written by the author, you are easily sucked in. A great read on Wattpad." - @danpaul01