Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

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ultraviolence By chanel-no5 Completed

1 Girl, 7 Days, 15,00,000€ 

Thursday the 10th April, an average day in New York. But for Sofia Castaletta, her life is about to be turned upside down. 
Within 24 hours Sofia becomes involved in her dad's ''business'' as The Catavalli Mafia have taken Sofia hostage with a ransom of 15,00,000€. 

Refusing to be a ''Damsel in Distress'' and with the clock ticking; Sofia takes matters in her own hands. She attempts to infiltrate her fathers rivals to better her chances of escape and is soon put under the ''care'' of Frankie. Together they want to shut down the mafia and be free, killing anyone in the way.

With a plan and a gun, can they pull it off?

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_FigureItOut_ _FigureItOut_ Jul 21, 2014
Okay, first of all I think the cover is really fitting and the title is eye catching :) I liked the prologue, but I think more description should be added  and I'm not a big fan of the "... " thing :/ I would try –, a comma, or nothing at all :) Overall, nice job :) Keep writing! :)
iSkinz iSkinz Jul 20, 2014
Im intrigued. I loved the idea from the blurb. However, since its set in New York (am assuming) shouldn't the currency be in dollars ($)? Just a thought.
                              I love how the father and daughter interact. A strange relationship indeed or maybe just a father pimping out his daughter.
CoraParty CoraParty Jul 20, 2014
What a start! Colour me intrigued, because I so badly want to know what happens next.
                              Fantastic job :)
intuemini intuemini Jun 28, 2014
What the actual frickety-frack, I promise I left a comment here...anywho:
                              I think you did the whole 'right into the action' thing really well, but it's hard to get into the story when there are some many grammatical errors.
GrammaRithmatist GrammaRithmatist Jun 27, 2014
Wow xD I really got to know the main character better through the dialogue and managed to get a feel of how she went about doing things/ responding to stimuli hahah. Nicely done!
love_author love_author Jun 27, 2014
Hey I saw you commented on the story bad boy meets fangirl and I would love I if you could give me some tips on my story?! I have two but I'm currently working on 'you are the source' it would be great thanks!