Oliver White

Oliver White

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Kimberly Beaumont bellerose, puts her life in danger when saying yes to a guy named jackson, at the question of being in a relationship. Little did she know what she was getting herself Into. Jackson was an ignorant fool, empowered by the belief that he could make her do anything he wants. The relationship was sick, and so was he. Who will be her saviour, will she have to face this on her own again, like she did with her father? Or does she find herself in the arms upon a handsome British fellow, we call Oliver Gordon white? But is Oliver truly ready to take on such a destructive person like jackson ,and will he be able to live with what has happened to his dream women? 

*      *       * 

My heart stopped. Her eyes were red and blue, a dark bruise on her forehead and another on her cheek bone. She looked scared, her eyes dripping tears. I grab the plastic bag and throw it onto the couch, quickly pulling her into me. Holding her so tight, her fragile tiny body nuzzling into mine. I try to fight back all the tears in my eyes but it's difficult. Fûck it's difficult to remain strong in this situation. I want to break down with her, but I have to there for her, I have to stay strong and be here for her. Hell she has no one. I know that because if she did, she wouldn't have come to me, someone she barley knows. I feel so bad for her.

*    *     *
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