Diary Of An Archaeologist [Wattys 2019 Non-fiction Winner]

Diary Of An Archaeologist [Wattys 2019 Non-fiction Winner]

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Alatary Moon By Alatary Updated 8 hours ago

As a little girl I loved Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford, no, Indy. I dreamed about one day exploring ancient temples just like him. 

Now, as an adult, many say I am a real life Indiana Jones. I'm an archaeologist with a masters degree in Cultural Heritage who works in museums and goes to excavations. I've seen the temples, held the skulls, encountered the creeps who only want the treasure, and yes, IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. 

But I'm not Indy, I'm no hero, no finder of priceless treasures; I'm just one person in a team of amazing experts who's job it is to try and uncover the truth about our past.

And these are my stories.

🎖2019 Watty Award winner Non-fiction
🎖#1 in autobiography 11-09-2019